Review: Cal Exotics Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics Collection Roxy

One look at the Roxy sent me into a fit of laughter. My first thoughts were: Am I supposed to lasso my clit with this thing? And would that make ...

Review: Wahl Massager (with heat)

It looks kind of like a glue gun, sounds like a power tool and you'd never suspect that it's a sex toy and that's probably because it isn't. The Wahl ...

Review: Key by Jopen Silk, Plush, Velvet

I've now had the opportunity to play with three more of the Key Charms Petite vibrators.  I have already reviewed the Lace and much of the same information in that ...

Review: Je Joue Uma

What I'm about to say borders on the blasphemous. I never expected the Je Joue Uma to virtually usurp two of my favorite vibrators. In fact, I'm still trying to ...

Review: Holistic Wisdom Sneaky Sack

The Sneaky Sack by Holistic Wisdom is one of those, “Why didn't I think of that” things. It's so simple and yet it serves its purpose perfectly. Since I don't ...

Oct 282014
Porn List "The Porn Dude" Review

This post is a paid advertisement. I was browsing the web looking for a great resource for porn and came across ThePornDude.com the other day. I spent quite a bit of time checking out their top sites list and decided that my readers would certainly find this website useful. The Porn Dude is a different type of website, as they actually review several different adult …Read more

Oct 272014
Review: No More Wet Spot Blanket

It says what it does and does what it says. I guess they could have come up with a more creative name but as long as it keeps my bed clean and dry, I really don’t care what they call it. Usually, when one thinks “sex blanket” they think of the Liberator Throe. Well now we have an alternative, the No More Wet Spot water-proof …Read more

Oct 262014
Review: Pleasure Works Please Cream Lube

I am in love with this lube. Like, seriously infatuated. Hey GoodVibes, think I can get a 55 gallon drum of this stuff? Pleasure Works Please Cream Lube is in fact creamy (somewhat) and does in fact, please me, very much. The only reason Please Cream Lube was even on my radar is because I heard Redhead Bedhead raving about it. She made it sound …Read more

Oct 242014
Review: njoy Pure Plug

Best butt plug ever made, full stop. OK, maybe I’m not the most qualified to make that claim since I really only dabble in all things anal, including plugs. I’m definitely not what you’d call an anal toy connoisseur by any means but from time to time, I like a little butt love. Butt neglect is a terrible thing after all. So, considering I am …Read more

Oct 222014
A Magical Place Called SheVibe

Today I’m writing a post about a sex toy shop that really needs no introduction – but I’m going to do it anyway. They are one of my best blog sponsors and have supported me anytime I’ve wanted to review something or requested a prize for a giveaway. Their name is SheVibe and quite simply, they’re awesome. They’ve been around since 2006 so, they have …Read more