Review: Fun Factory Delight

The Fun Factory Delight confuses my vagina/vulva/clitoris. They don't quite know what to make of it and frankly, neither do I. Fun Factory calls the Delight, “the Rolls Royce of ...

Review: Jopen Lust L17

Rabbit vibes can be tricky. So far, no company has been able to make one vibe that fits all vulvae. The few I had tried weren't really working for me ...

Review: Key by Jopen Silk, Plush, Velvet

I've now had the opportunity to play with three more of the Key Charms Petite vibrators.  I have already reviewed the Lace and much of the same information in that ...

Review: Closet Collection Lady Jadore

I just don't know. I really don't. It's just wrong... so, wrong. The Closet Collection Lady Jadore is an utter and complete failure on every level[1. Coincidentally, I wasn't all ...

Review: Minna Limon

The first time, I thought I was just having an off day. The next time, I feared the anorgasmia was returning. Determined, I tried yet again with no success. But ...

Mar 282015
Review: Pjur Woman Nude

Pjur Woman Nude lube has been serving my masturbatory needs ever since I received it. It’s water-based and works well with my toys. And of course, it has to be glycerin and paraben free or I wouldn’t even review it. It has a nice consistency. Not too runny but not too thick either. It clings to my toys fairly well and doesn’t drip everywhere. It …Read more

Mar 212015
Review: Lovehoney Satisfy Me Curve Silicone Dildo

Cheap sex toy alert. And by “cheap” I mean inexpensive… not shitty. Because, for less than $30, this is not a bad dildo. Not bad at all. In fact, I kind of like it. And some people think I’m a sex toy snob – not so. Well OK, maybe I am, just a little. The Lovehoney Satisfy Me Curve Silicone Dildo is a very nice …Read more

Mar 142015
Review: Liberator Flip Ramp

Can geometry be sexy? With Liberator bedroom adventure gear, it can be. These sex positioning cushions are so much better than pillows in several ways and they can put a new angle on your amorous activities. The first thing I bought when I started exploring the world of sex toys was the Liberator Wedge. It continues to be one of the best and most often …Read more

Mar 032015
Review: L'amourose Rosa Rouge

Incredible, extraordinary, fantastic and wonderful – the Rosa Rouge is all of those things and more. It rocks my world, blows my mind, curls my toes and all that other stuff. To call the Rosa Rouge powerful is an understatement. This thing gave my G-spot some serious feels like it’s never had before and I don’t think it will ever be the same. In fact, …Read more

Feb 252015
Review: Rocks-Off Bamboo

It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a $25 vibe. It’s not powerful and it’s very much surface buzzy. However, it can actually give me orgasms that feel pretty good. Granted the first time, I was coming off a dry spell and a subtle breeze across my clit might have done the job just as well. But it is what it is… an inexpensive vibe. …Read more