Review: PureLife Enema Bucket

You want TMI? You can't handle TMI... I dabble in anal sex. I like it but it's not something we get around to doing very often. Maybe because of the prep ...

Review: Divine Interventions The Celtic Wonder Rod

They have the Jackhammer Jesus dildo, Virgin Mary dildo and Baby Jesus Butt Plug. It's true, Divine Interventions' sex toys aren't going to be everyone's cup of tea. But beyond ...

Review: California Exotic Novelties Embrace G Wand

You're probably not going to believe me but the Embrace G Wand is from Cal Ex and it's... good. Alright, I guess I shouldn't give Cal Ex such a hard ...

Review: Holistic Wisdom Sneaky Sack

The Sneaky Sack by Holistic Wisdom is one of those, “Why didn't I think of that” things. It's so simple and yet it serves its purpose perfectly. Since I don't ...

Review: Nalone Amore

From the moment I saw the Nalone Amore, I was intrigued by the idea of an aluminium vibrator. I have one other sex toy made of aluminium and I love ...

Aug 292014
Review: Idée du Désir Structured Orchid

This gorgeous, one of a kind dildo came to me all the way from France, with love. It’s really more than just a dildo though – more like a sensual erotic sculpture. It’s the meticulously handcrafted work of the Artist behind Idée du Désir (translated: Idea of Desire). Unquestionably, it is beautiful but it’s so much more than that. The Structured Orchid, as it’s called, …Read more

Aug 232014
Review: BMS Factory PalmPower Recharge

This vibrator feels like an earthquake – in my vagina. For a moment, I actually wondered if it was wise to rattle my innards with this much power. But that thought quickly faded away as my G-spot acclimated to the mighty power of the PalmPower Recharge. BMS Factory has really outdone themselves with this vibrator. I thought the original PalmPower wand was pretty damn great …Read more

Aug 152014
Review: Jimmyjane Form 4

Part of me didn’t want to like the Jimmyjane Form 4. Let’s face it, they can be kind of pretentious, with their 4 hour flight on a private jet for $35,000 and the battery operated vibrator made of platinum and encrusted with diamonds for a mere $3,500.  But despite the fact that I was already somewhat biased against the company, I could not help myself …Read more

Aug 122014
Review: Mambe Waterproof Blanket

Looking for a cheaper alternative to the Liberator Throe? I found it. If you need to protect your bed from messy sexy activities, Mambe’s waterproof blankets will do it and cost you less than a Liberator Throe. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Throe but I’ve heard time and time again that they’re just too expensive for a lot of people1. So, I started …Read more

Aug 012014
Review: Vamp Coco

The Vamp Coco is a nice dildo – the kind you can bring home to meet your mother… if you happen to come from that kind of family. It’s respectable and non-threatening. It’s very dick-like and if you prefer your dildos to feel like dicks then the Coco might be your soul mate. If however, you’re the more adventurous type and you want your dildos …Read more