Review: Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

The “Sexual Happiness People” over at Lovehoney.com were so awesome, they gave me the Fifty Shades Glass Dildo (I'm shortening the name because Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy ...

Review: California Exotic Novelties Entice Olivia

I can describe the Cal Ex Entice Olivia in two words – weak and buzzy. I wish I could end the review there but I feel I owe more than ...

Review: OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle

The OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle snuck (sneaked?) up and surprised me. Out of the three Lovelife vibrators I've tried I like it the most but it didn't really wow me until ...

Review: Wahl Massager (with heat)

It looks kind of like a glue gun, sounds like a power tool and you'd never suspect that it's a sex toy and that's probably because it isn't. The Wahl ...

Review: Pipedream Ceramix No. 9

A ceramic vibrator? You just know I had to have one. I really liked Pipedream's Ceramix No. 5 dildo so, I was curious about the vibrators from that line. The ...

Sep 292014
Review: Iroha Mikazuki

It’s the kind of vibrator you can cuddle with, sort of like a comforting plush teddy bear – but thankfully nothing like this. It’s soft, squishy… marshmallow-y and feels just like the previously released squishy Iroha vibes. And these vibrators feel like nothing else on the market. I reviewed the Iroha Midori and it took me awhile to warm up to it. I couldn’t get …Read more

Sep 262014
Asking For a Small Favor (it won't cost you anything)

It’s that time again. Kinkly’s Sex Blogging Superheroes 2014 is open for nominations. I didn’t make the list last year and was quite bummed out since getting on the list means that people really like what you’re doing and I do hope that you like what I’m doing. I enjoy reviewing sex toys and hopefully, I’ve helped you find some good ones or avoid some …Read more

Sep 232014
Review: Jopen Lust L17

Rabbit vibes can be tricky. So far, no company has been able to make one vibe that fits all vulvae. The few I had tried weren’t really working for me because the clitoral arm was always too low. Then I tried the Jopen Vanity Vr 5.5 and it was the first one to fit me properly and I think it’s a good solid dual stimulator. …Read more

Sep 092014
Review: (new) We-Vibe Touch

How do you make a great vibe even better? Wrap it in some luscious, silky soft silicone. I loved almost everything about the original We-Vibe Touch, except the lint collecting glossy silicone, which I just tolerated because everything else was awesome. When I got a chance to try the We-Vibe 4 and I felt their new matte silicone, I said that they should redo the …Read more

Aug 292014
Review: Idée du Désir Structured Orchid

This gorgeous, one of a kind dildo came to me all the way from France, with love. It’s really more than just a dildo though – more like a sensual erotic sculpture. It’s the meticulously handcrafted work of the Artist behind Idée du Désir (translated: Idea of Desire). Unquestionably, it is beautiful but it’s so much more than that. The Structured Orchid, as it’s called, …Read more