Review: Key by Jopen Silk, Plush, Velvet

I've now had the opportunity to play with three more of the Key Charms Petite vibrators.  I have already reviewed the Lace and much of the same information in that ...

Review: BS Atelier G-spot Lines Tokyo

I'm afraid that I won't be articulate or eloquent enough to tell you just how good this dildo really is. Some dildos you want to fuck hard and fast but ...

Review: Fun Factory Delight

The Fun Factory Delight confuses my vagina/vulva/clitoris. They don't quite know what to make of it and frankly, neither do I. Fun Factory calls the Delight, “the Rolls Royce of ...

Review: Closet Collection Lady Jadore

I just don't know. I really don't. It's just wrong... so, wrong. The Closet Collection Lady Jadore is an utter and complete failure on every level[1. Coincidentally, I wasn't all ...

Review: Shibari HALO

My first vibrator was a Hitachi Magic Wand. Why did I start out with such a powerhouse? I was struggling with anorgasmia as a side effect of medication and dizzyguy ...

Oct 222014
A Magical Place Called SheVibe

Today I’m writing a post about a sex toy shop that really needs no introduction – but I’m going to do it anyway. They are one of my best blog sponsors and have supported me anytime I’ve wanted to review something or requested a prize for a giveaway. Their name is SheVibe and quite simply, they’re awesome. They’ve been around since 2006 so, they have …Read more

Oct 212014
Have you heard about Filthy Dirty?

Have you heard about Filthy Dirty? No? Well, they’re one of my newest blog sponsors and don’t let the name fool you, they’re actually quite classy. They’re a fairly new woman owned and operated sex shop that doesn’t try to sell you just anything. Each and every item offered is handpicked with a modern, discerning customer in mind. They only want to sell you quality …Read more

Oct 192014
Review: Jopen Envy Five

This vibrator might not look like it but it’s a real beast. At the low end, the vibration practically growls and it makes me quiver with delight. At the high end, it’s so powerful that it feels like I’m gonna insta-squirt. But I don’t because I’ve never actually done that from G-spot stim alone. It really is almost too much for me at the highest …Read more

Oct 172014
Review: Cal Ex Entice Natalie

Horrible. Simply horrible. And I knew it would be from the moment I laid eyes on it. From its 2 AAA battery power source to its stabby little rabbit ears… it’s all just so awful. Finding a compatible rabbit vibe for me is tricky and I would never have chosen this one. But that’s part of the Cal Ex Sexpert review program – it’s kind …Read more

Oct 132014
Review: Jopen Key Skye

I wanted to try the Jopen Key Skye because it kind of resembles the Key Comet and Comet II, which are not just the best toys in the Key line but among some of the best G-spotting toys, period. It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you, I didn’t much care for the Key Skye. Maybe I shouldn’t try to compare …Read more